Frequently Asked Questions

Will you send my resume out without my permission?

No, we will never send your resume to anyone without your permission.

Will you keep my identity confidential?

Yes, this is key to our business. We keep your identity completely confidential. The only time we reveal your identity is when we send your resume to a company, which we only do with your permission. We have a written contract with all clients to whom we send resumes, and that contract requires that they also keep your identity confidential.

Do your services cost money if I am looking for a job?

All of our fees are paid by our client companies. Our services are completely free with no cost to candidates seeking new positions.

Will you tell me the name of the company that I am applying to?

Initially and in our public searches, we often keep the company name for our positions confidential. However, after we have spoken with you and if you are interested in exploring a position further, we will tell you the name of the company so that you can make a final, informed decision whether you would like to apply for the position.

Where are your positions located?

MEMStaff places employees worldwide, including North America, Europe, and Asia. The majority of our positions are in the United States, but we work with many multinational companies who have presence in multiple continents or who are located outside the United States.

When I am hired, am I hired by MEMStaff or by the client company?

Although there are some firms who do temporary placement, almost all of our positions are permanent placements. That means that when you are hired, you are not an employee of MEMStaff. You become an employee of the company that hired you.