For Employers

Work in microelectromechanical systems requires exceptional people with skills that bridge many disciplines. Often MEMS products require detailed knowledge of Electronics/Optics, Mechanics/Acoustics/Fluidics, Physics/Chemistry/Biology, and a variety of other specialized skills. The engineering background of MEMStaff employees allows them to understand the skills that your company desires and to find a match for the position you are looking to fill.

The field of MEMS is growing at a fast pace, but the talent pool is still relatively small. A short time ago, there were very few high volume MEMS applications, and thus there are a limited number of highly qualified engineers with MEMS experience. MEMStaff's resources can quickly help you to find the most qualified candidates that are available. We interview and screen candidates before presenting them to you so that you don't waste time screening candidates that do not fit your needs. MEMStaff can help you find the people you need to keep your company competitive and help it grow into the future. MEMStaff is your one-stop shop for finding leading MEMS talent.

  • MEMStaff is built upon more than twenty-five years of combined MEMS experience

  • MEMStaff specializes and focuses exclusively on the MEMS industry

  • MEMStaff has the technical background to understand the details of your job requirements in order to find the best candidates

  • MEMStaff’s network gives your company access to candidates that cannot be found elsewhere.

If your company requires top notch MEMS engineering work, but does not want to hire a full time employee, MEMS consulting services can fill the gap. MEMStaff can refer you to the appropriate MEMS consulting companies, based on your needs, where you can put more than a decade of MEMS experience to work for you.

MEMStaff Inc. is a registered employment agency with The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Labor, Control No: R02511.